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HD CW channels

Character Actor
I used to get the CW channel in HD. After the dispute Dish had with them it disappeared then came back in SD only. How can I get it in HD? I hate watching the fuzzy version that doesn't even fill the screen (which is another question, why doesn't SD fill my TV screen on Dish when it does on SD OVA channels)?

Appreciate any help as CW is one of the channels my family watches the most.
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Re: HD CW channels

Visual Engineer
Your TV probably has a picture 'zoom' function. If a signal is being transmitted in 4:3 format, zoom will usually change the format to 16:12 to fill the screen. A portion of the picture [top/bottom] will be missing. Your TV may also have picture shift up and down.
If the signal is being sent as 16:9 format [even at SD 480] the zoom function will not work. The TV is already recognizing 16:9 An example- Hallmark movie shows 'Murder she wrote'. Hallmark is HD and Murder she wrote is HD but produced in a 4:3 format. [side bars] Zoom will not function on that channel.
I have OTA antenna. Many of the sub-channels have converted from 4:3 to 16:9 even though they are SD 480 Almost none of their programming was made wide screen but the advertisers are happy that their commercials are 16:9 and fill the screen.