HBO update please

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HBO update please


My contract expires in February and will cancel services unless HBO becomes avaiable.

I am considering canceling only Dish premium and local channels if a local company is willing to provide them at a reasonable fee, but it may be necessary to drop DISH completely.


Are negoations continuing and are there any updates since December's posting?

Can you provide any suggestions and no I do not want a smart tv !

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Re: HBO update please

Supporting Role
The only update is that they are still negotiating. ATt has stuck to their line in the sand about forcing non HBO subscribers to pay for HBO.

Re: HBO update please

DISH Employee

Hello, 019202DJK. We are still actively negotiating with HBO to come to a mutually beneficial agreement as soon as possible. Also, AT&T acquired Time Warner, the owner of HBO and Cinemax, in 2018. This acquisition was approved with no guidelines set ensuring that AT&T would “play fair” when negotiating with any cable or satellite TV provider.