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Re: HBO status

DISH Employee

We are disappointed that we currently do not have HBO, but there is an alternative source – HBO NOW. You are able to watch HBO, including the final season of Game of Thrones, when you want, plus get access to new episodes as they premier, just like how you watch Netflix shows.


HBO NOW typically has offers including a 7-day free trial and a cancel anytime policy. Monthly subscription is billed through HBO. You can find it available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit

Re: HBO status


Please write to your state and federal representatives on this issue. AT&T who owns Directv (Dish Network Competitor) was granted the ability to buy Warner, which owns both HBO and Cinimax. Now AT&T owns both the studio content services (studio) they also own the distribution of it to customers. This negatively impacts millions of people in that AT&T can charge anything they want to cable companies and Dish Network leaving the only other options to us customers to pay more through the cable company or Dish or to drop them all together and move to Directv. 


The FTC and other government agency should not allow the distribution companies to own studios like Warner. This is major negative impact on customers. Disney is doing the same thing. If this is not stopped by our government, we will have to subscribe to several providers costing several hundreds of dollar each per month to get back the tv channels that we could buy from one carrier in the past. This is going to cost customers in total billions if this monopolistic process continues and not stopped by the FTC who was formed to stopped these type of activities. 

Re: HBO status


Well, it's been a year.  What's up?!  I like DISH for the most part, and don't want to let ATT "win," by being bullied into switching to Direct TV.  This smacks of antitrust so loudly, that I'm surprised it's been allowed.  Hopefully there's a lawsuit somewhere?  I am paying for HBO NOW, so they're getting my monthly subscription, but because of the inconvenience of changing inputs to Roku, then being tempted by all of the other options in there, I never get around to HBO NOW, unless there's something specific I'm looking for.  So, long story short, they're getting my $15 per month, but they're not getting my eyeballs.  Don't know if they care about that, but I would expect a decline in viewership to result in less $ for programming and original shows.