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Re: Guide issues - please post here

Camera Crew
KatyC wrote:
We are sorry to hear your frustration. However, we do have an ETA of 05/17 for a fix for this known issue. Our Tech Ops team will prioritize fixes based on the feedback they receive. In order to provide the best possible customer experience, feedback is absolutely necessary. If you have not yet had your account information forwarded for feedback to our Tech Ops team, may I please get a private message of your account/phone and 4 digit PIN to relay your feedback?

Your Tech Ops Team will prioritize fixes based on feed back they receive, Oh come on you can't tell me you all can't see this problem as well on your end haft time it even re-recoding new run 2 or 3 time.
You don't need my account or phone number, I will just call if have to and believe me it will most likely have you all sent me boxes to sent it all back to dish and what good is this forum for.
Take Street Outlaw which come on at 8:00PM today and is new run and I have a timer set for Record: Only New it doesn't show up and I have to manually add a timer along with a few other show it use to be really bad that I had to manually add as min as 15+ show per-week when this all started but now most of those season are done so now it down 5/7 week which is still unacceptable.

Is Search working for other users?

I can't say exactly when it started, but Search isn't working on our Hopper/Sling DVR.

We'll be watching a TV show and see an ad for a new show we want to record... bring up Search, and type in the name of the show, nothing comes up. Bring up the guide and go to the date and time, and the show is there.

The current show as an example not working on our DVR is "Downward Dog" which premiers tomorrow. Type in "DOWNW" in Search and it finds nothing. But bring up the guide and it shows the listing for tomorrow on our local ABC station no problem. I use that as an example of something clearly not far enough out that it hasn't been downloaded to the guide yet.

It's been at least a few weeks that this has been going on, so I finally called today. After the typical troubleshooting-over-the-phone steps, including yet-another-reset, I was told it is a known issue, and rest assured we are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

To rub salt in the wound, when I go to search on the forum, and type in "search not working" to see if others are experiencing the same type of issue, I get the following error, "The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: [b:21k1cw09]search working not[/b:21k1cw09]."

Question is are many others experiencing the same issue with Search?

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Re: Guide issues - please post here

Audio Engineer
Elrey Network - 253
"Heavy Metal" is listed as 2007 movie... it from 1981, So the guide being incorrect is still issue. I even saw some stuff on TMC which plays nothing but OLD movies 1970~1920 listing some of the those movies as 2017..

Guide still has some shows with thumbnails that are generic images with name show in it
example AHC-195 "UFOs: The lost Evidence"

Guide still has Some shows a Abstract image and the thumbnail with out the name it
example BBCA-135 "Star Trek: Voyager"

I think dish change providers cause these people were cheaper, Cause better and more accurate they are not keep cutting corners and increasing my bill please. if my internet and router could handle it I would cut the cord.

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Costume Designer
Well, it is now the 17th of May, the date that the EPG was going to be fixed. Of course that didn't happen. :roll:

We still have the awful sophomoric event descriptions. Thanks Dish!

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Costume Designer
tsunami2311 wrote:
if my internet and router could handle it I would cut the cord.

We have a new internet provider in town and I'm seriously thinking about getting rid of Dish and doing the same.

I've been a Dish customer for 18 years and I can't take this way-too-expensive non-service much longer.

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Camera Crew
Like a Sparrow following a farting horse, all we get are promises! The next promised date is July, they did not tell me what year probably sometime in Y3K!

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Costume Designer
You see, this is typical corporate behavior: give a date for a fix - when that date arrives then slide to a new date - do that for a while and hope all the "complainers" will just get discouraged and quit their complaining. Now, I use the word "complainers" because that's how Dish views us. We're no longer "customers".

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Camera Crew
Let me guess we still have Rovi data correct

Re: Guide issues - please post here

Casting Director
I did get the promised update yesterday (not sure what it actually did) on Hopper 3 & both Joeys.

Dish probably signed a contract for ROVI guide data so I doubt if that will change anytime soon, IMO it's pretty much worthless compared to what we've had for past 5 years.

Re: Guide issues - please post here

I've said it before, but I'll echo Peggy (and, apparently, myself). The new provider is Rovi and while MAYBE timers not recording might get fixed, the quality of the data will not. If you think the movie descriptions are bad today, they will be bad tomorrow, they will be bad next week, they will be bad next month, they will be bad until the source changes. We don't know the details of the contract with Rovi and how much Dish 'thinks' they might be saving, but we also won't know for up to two years what the impact of this change will be. How many people saying they will leave over this will really do so, and out of that number, how many are under contract until, for example, May of NEXT year? Since the chickens won't come home to roost until contracts start expiring (assuming they come home to roost at all), Dish IS saving money in the short term. Companies no longer think in the long term, it's "bottom line, this quarter's numbers". Period.

So to sum it up, are you having a problem with timers not recording? That might get fixed at some point. Are you having a problem with the quality of the tv/movie descriptions? Get used it, it's not changing.