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Re: please fix program descriptions

Audio Engineer
They didn't want to pay Gracenote anymore and the info field isn't long enough for the descriptions they import wholesale from their new provider.

In other words, it's horrible for us, but it costs DISH less, so don't expect it to change anytime soon. :(

Re: Description field - just get to the point!

BillK wrote:
Seriously, this is getting more and more horrendous to the point the Guide is completely useless.

For at least two different movies on HBO yesterday, I saw wonderfully useful program descriptions like "In this thrilling, genre changing action-adventure from the 1980s, Harri…"

LOL. Couldn't have stated the situation better.

Re: New Update Messed up by DVR Thumbails on Programs

Casting Director
Mine updated to 345 last night & several of my icons are still messed up, so no fixes here either.

Re: please fix program descriptions

Casting Director
The change I would expect soon would be to have the info be able to page down.

Re: Dish timers stopped recording the shows

Character Actor
This is happening with me, too, on some of my sports timers.

Timers Not Recording (and Missing in DishAnywhere)

Character Actor
Something odd has started happening with my Hopper3 in recent weeks: my sports timers have stopped recording. For instance, we have a bunch of timers set up to record MLS matches on various networks. None of them have been catching matches since the new season began. Even when we explicitly set up a manual record, it doesn't work.

Perhaps significantly: when I look at my timers on DishAnywhere, I notice that many, if not most, don't even show up in my timers list. Notice in this screenshot how the timer numbers have huge gaps in the sequence numbers:


Reading through the forums, it seems others are having similar problems. Dish Support, please help!


Programming Titles and descriptions - DVR getting confused

This happened last night when I was looking for WWE SmackDown on my DVR. I noticed the show did not record. So I go through the timers and sure enough, it was still there. Before that, I re-added the next show to be record series. After taking a second look, I realized why it did not record.

Previous title: WWE SmackDown!
New Title: WWE SmackDown

See a difference? The same show. Different title. Thus confusing the DVR to great lengths.

Not being able to see my shows because a slight change and a change in the description is rather annoying.

Bring back gracenote

Camera Crew
everyone comment below if would like to see DISH go back to Gracenote instead of terrible Rovicorp. I dont want no arrow button or nothing I just Want Gracenote back providing guide data.

Leave comments below if you agree

Information Screen

When I press the info button the information screen pops up for the show I am currenting watching but sometimes the text of the information or synopsis of the program is cut off mid sentence and than shows 3 periods...

How do I view the rest of the text? I have a VIP 722 DVR receiver.

Re: Bring back gracenote

Character Actor
Yes, please.

I'm not as concerned with the descriptions, although they're awful, as I am with the episode info (episode name, number & date and whether it's new). For instance, I try to record Rachel Maddow every night. It's on at 9pm and replays at 12am & 4am. Apparently, I can choose to record all 3 or none. There isn't a proper episode number or date, so if I tell it to record new, it records none. Or I can tell it to record all and I get 3 a night.

My mom has Dish too and she called me to complain that her shows aren't recording and she didn't know why because the timers are still there. I had to explain this whole cluster to her.

I suspect a lot of people are experiencing these issues but aren't realizing it, or think it's something they did. Once they figure it out, I'm sure there will be a lot more complaining.