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Information Screen

When I press the info buttonthe information screen pops up for the show I am currenting watching but sometimes the text of the information or synopsis of the program is cut off mid sentence and than shows 3 periods...

How do I view the rest of the text?

Hopper 3 stopped recording sport home team

I had the home team games recording timer set a half a year ago and it worked ok. About a week ago the new recordings stopped. The timer was still shown set but not games scheduled to record.
I have tried many different things: reset the received, deleted and re-created a home team timer, deleted some other timers- nothing helped.

The timer shows 1 priority, seek mode, new and reruns. I have tried different settings there as well- nothing helped.

The games could be still recorder by clicking on each of them.
Some other seek timers still work.
It seems to stop only sports home team in seek mode. Other modes are greyed-out for it.
Please help.

New Update Messed up by DVR Thumbails on Programs

Based on some comments on this forum over the past week or so it seemed there was an issue with Thumbails on the Schedule or on the DVR recorded programs. However there was an update which now has really screwed up my thumbnails on my recorded shows. There are two issues:

1 - The Font now used on the thumbnails is barely visible since it is a very thin elongated font. You simply cannot use a thin tall font for a small thumbnail. It becomes very difficult to read.

2 - The second and more serious issue is that lots of my shows have now the same thumbail even though that it doesn't correspond to the name of the show. For example I have several shows that have a thumbnail saying "Starry Nights" but none of shows have anything to do with Starry Nights. Similar with something called PHI LAW FIRM thumbnail and the show is not that.

I wonder if other people are experiencing this issue and how can I get it resolved.

Programming Descriptions Horrible, Affecting DVR Recordings

1. The editorials as part of the descriptions must go. I have to be quite honest and say I couldn't care less what some yahoo at the new company thinks about a movie or TV episode. It's more than possible that not everyone believes Michael Douglas gave his best performance ever in Wonder Boys.

2. Give me a concise summary of the episode or movie so I can tell whether I've seen or not, and if not whether I want to watch it.

3. Get your act together. If you don't have a description of the episode by the week before broadcast, get it. It's not that hard. As a last resort, you could visit the network press sites.

4. If for some reason a description for an episode can't be found, don't resort to the canned description for the whole show, or at the very least mark it as "new". My DVR has not recorded events because of this incompetent foul up.

5. If a 10-minute episode is labeled as a "Sneak Peek", don't carry that title over to the episode. The DVR won't pick it up because the sneak peek has been running 2-3 times a day for over a week.

6. Figure out a spelling, and stick with it! I have at least one show that has three separate groups. It sort of defeats the purpose of groups if the episodes are not all together. The new company should really use the Gracenotes' spelling - goofs and all - so everything is together.

Re: New Update Messed up by DVR Thumbails on Programs

Has a full or partial factory reset been performed?
What DVR do you have? Hopper 3?
What software version is currently loaded?

PTAT Duplicated in Schedule List - Not Recording Anything

Beginning last night, I noticed that the shows that were supposed to record from my local channels via PTAT being enabled were not recording. I double-checked my PTAT settings and it was ON and the selected channels still chosen. My default setting of EVERYDAY was unchanged as well. This is the first time this has happened and when viewing the Schedule list (last night), PTAT shows up twice, once as a regular red "recording" symbol, the other as the yellow PT box which is what it has always been. Today, it shows up only as the regular red circle "to be recorded." In going through my settings, several things seem to have been reset at some point (not by me), including recordings beginning/ending early/late (I always keep these at zero/none, as I manually adjust my timers if needed). I have tried going through settings again and adjusting to what they have been pretty much forever. I've reset the receiver ([b:343u8y39]I have the original Hopper and one Joey operating on 2 tvs[/b:343u8y39]) and the Joey to no avail.

If I turn PTAT OFF, the Schedule list shows PTAT as the yellow PT box again, but still says the time is 7:57-1100p (for tonight). I have no idea if I leave my actual PTAT OFF if this PTAT showing in Schedule list will record anything, since I can't see what it's going to record, if it does at all. Last night's duplicate showing of PTAT with PTAT ON recorded nothing at all. The only messages I have received in conjunction with trying to fix this on my own is that PTAT (when I turn it ON) won't record due to recording (timer) conflict. It was my understanding that PTAT took highest priority when it was active, not that it wouldn't work if there were conflicts with manually set timers..? And I have been getting a pop up box notice telling me that I have a USB connected device every time I turn on the receiver each morning (I do have an external drive, but it never used to tell me every morning at start up and have me choose OK to get the box to disappear. Since Dish has been rolling out all the new stuff, my Hopper has been glitchy and terribly slow/lagging, but has worked well enough until last night. We plan to update our receiver to the most current Hopper asap, but are doing home projects that just aren't conducive to having a Dish tech come out and update stuff for us at this time. Once we have the latest receiver, timers won't be a problem, thankfully, but currently, if PTAT is no longer working for some reason, there will be issues since we record several things in addition to the PTAT choices.

I am going to do an unplug reset and see if that makes a difference. If anyone knows a fix or, at least, that this is a known problem, please let me know.

Much appreciated,
*Dish customer since 2005ish

Re: Dish timers stopped recording the shows

Camera Crew
This happened to me this week with The Magicians and The Expanse, both on Sci-Fi channel. The original recording schedule showed the ones it was going to miss, but did not show the new shows that were going to air this week. Yet, all the ones that were repeats it showed as being skipped. I fail to see how a guide change would affect this.
Anybody heard anything? I am happy I caught that, as I would have NOT been happy had I missed it.

Re: New Update Messed up by DVR Thumbails on Programs

Audio Engineer
I already made complant about this and didnt hear word from dish about it

Another issue this guide issue cause is timer stop working.


The Expanse S2 episodes 1-6 had thumbnail image and recorded with it timer, The Expanse s2 episode 7 has no thumbnail which but is not seen as play by the original timer of the same name that has a thumbnail. If you look at the The Expanse with thumbnail in the guide and look at episodes it will list 1-6 of season 2, If you look at The Expanse in the guide that has no thumbnail image it only list episode 7 in episode and not the last 6.

Since the last update atlest 4 of timers have done this.

The there is the issue with some programing that use to have thumbnail of the actual show, now either show dishlogo or show some random picture that has nothing to do with the programing with name show printed on it.

These issue all started with 2/11 update of 344 I have since got a another update 345 on 3/7 which was last night.
I had 2 timers the prior NIGHT to this update that stop working do to the above issues. Gona see if this update fixed the issue.

And to answer the above question unpluging and replug the h3 only temporally fix the thumbnail issue when it happen to me, must did that 3 times and each time with in 24 hours tumbnails were busted again.

345 update the guide thumbnails are still busted and still show either generic logo of the some channel from some of is program or dishlogo along with some having random picture with the name of show print on the thumbnail.

Gona keep eye on timers, but this rediculous Even the creation of MANUAL timers is broke.


8 times out 10 I create a AUTOTUNE timer on 176 for weekly 11:28pm for SATURDAY and save it close look at Saturday in the schedule and nothing cause the schedule show it for Tuesday, I look at the timer and instead of setting it to Saturday it set it to Tuesday or some other day of it choosing like it showed in the schedule.

IF I edit the time and set it to Saturday and save the Timer is now broke reguardless of what day it picked to save it as the timer wont triger. And setting back to Saturday and save 8 times out 10 random pick different day to save it as. and even IF I show how get to save as Saturday the timer is broke and wont trigger anyway.

Re: New Update Messed up by DVR Thumbails on Programs

Audio Engineer
How long has it been since your update?

I found it took a few hours for the icons on all my recorded programs to update properly.

Re: Description field - just get to the point!

Audio Engineer
Seriously, this is getting more and more horrendous to the point the Guide is completely useless.

For at least two different movies on HBO yesterday, I saw wonderfully useful program descriptions like "In this thrilling, genre changing action-adventure from the 1980s, Harri…"