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Re: Get Fox Sports Back!!

Camera Crew

I just talk to Dish. And all they gave me was $5.00 off of my next bill, for the time being that is. I told them, that if the channels are not back on the air by next month. I am switching to AT&T U-Verse. And I didn't care if I still had a contract with them or not. I'm on social security. There is nothing they can do to me. They have no way of collecting any money owed to them.

@Cerberus wrote:

Not only are we getting screwed out of the fox sports channels. We're getting screwed out of the Big Ten channel! Why!? I am a huge collage football fan! And you are messing with my saturdays!
We got CBS back just in time for pro football. And now you are fighting with fox over money, even though we are still paying for these channels. There had better be a dicount on my bill for these missing channels. Or, I'm switching providers. I don't care if I am under contract.

@Sdluddley wrote:
Dish! Bring back fox sports, i can’t help but feel you guys are giving a giant middle finger to your customers. It’s football season and I alike most of your other customers are huge sports fans. I can only speak for myself when I say if this situation isn’t resolved you will be losing a customer.




Re: Get Fox Sports Back!!

Here! Here! We the consumer are being screwed royally by Dish...
You guys don’t give a **bleep** about your customers’ve got 2 weeks from oct 4, 2019 to bring Fox Sports back or we’re gone! No Big 10 and we are outta here!