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Character Actor

   I assume this is a forum to express customers' opinions whether the deletion by Dish or other providers of certain channels is justified. This is not the place to express political views by posters such as Phantastic. If one does not agree with the content of a particular program, just don't tune into to it!! Fox and Fox sports provides entertainment other than political views in other Fox broadcasts. Let's focus on the REAL issue.



Re: Fox

Fox isn’t giving an inch and I am ready to drop Dish for good. I’ve had Dish for 20 years and am fed up!

Re: Fox

DISH Employee

We know that this is a tough time for our customers. We’re disappointed to see FOX put our customers in the middle of its negotiations by choosing to remove their channels from DISH’s lineup. DISH offered to extend the contract so customers would not be impacted, but FOX refused this offer.  We are working to bring your channels back at a fair price. For the most up-to-date information regarding our negotiations visit 

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Character Actor

Dear Dish Employee,


I checked today to see if DISH actually responded to my community post only to be dissapointed (like I expected anything else) to see this pathetic response. REALLY???!!!!  I'm sorry but, as a fan of major league sports and a faithful consumer (read as every 10 years x $100 (now $135/month just to watch television, what's that $12,000??? My God what has this world come to???) I am so dissapointed.


The following is an email I've sent to anyone who would listen (good luck finding a real email address to even send it to. I just guessed at Rupert Murcoch and others, at FOX, DISH, MLB, NFL, and Rudy Guliani!!) Let the hate email come!


I don't have room for the comical chat I had with DISH Network...


Anyway here is food for thought money grubbers...ruin my pathetic fixed income world won't you???



Dear whomever cares,


I see the NFL getting into the contractual arguments between networks and I ask, where is the MLB? They are no better than you (the NFL) but as a consumer who signed up for programming, promised by a network, regardless of contracts, simply deserve better than a dispute each year costing us the opportunity to simly WACTH WHAT HAPPENS!


It’s enough thank you MLWB, that I am unable to watch or listen to my home team Astros a huge 90 miles distance from the Houston Home ballpark for an entire 162 games (whether they play at home or away) because of either MLB blackout rule or I’m unable to pay for every swinging d#@% pay-per-view or subscription service and other crap but now, because my petty provider Dish Network can’t provide PLAYOFF games because of a dispute with MLB’s selected provider FOX Sports, you are ALL going to punish the consumer and fan or game further to the point I am unable to watch or even Frickin’ LISTEN to games which are sold out (Due to Restrictions) which may be covered by other pay providers which I cannot switch to or even  afford to enter into contract with for a few games. It is insane, It is just Insane!


You are ALL guilty of holding the average consumer, the meager fan of major league sports, hostage for more and more money every year! Okay so work it out and let me decide **bleep** it. This insanity of dropping or pulling said coverage is unfair and should be illegal in my honest opinion.


Ticket prices alone are a reason the average consumer will never attend a MLB game, and yes we would sit at home happily to watch your enormous revenue advertisers present a game with only a paltry 5,000 in attendance just to watch my loser team…if it were available. Or as I did in the 1960’s happily listen by AM radio (with advertisements I would add) to games my local tv provider would or could not present. You are no longer a friend of the fan, the masses, the people who make or break your livelihood.


Today although you claim to be for the fans or fan friendly, are only about your bottom line for shareholders or whom ever it is who reap the profits of an oversold premise of viewing rights and contracts. Fix it or you will see viewership yes even fan-ship decline even further than it already has. Why do you think the newer generations wouldn’t give two cents for the opportunity to watch a major league baseball game?! No one likes what you have done to the game all in the name of the almighty dollar.


You are all consumed with making your money on the backs of men and women who sacrifice their lives…for the game then deny the poor fans an opportunity to enjoy! It’s a game, remember? Of course not…


Dismayed and pissed in Texas,


Keith Stephenson

5920 Van Dee

Vidor, Tx, 77662-8084



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Re: Fox

If I miss the World Series I am canceling my service

Re: Fox