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Re: Fox Sport Southwest

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FWIW - I have been sending emails to the following, customer retention, the CEO and the VP.  In order the email addresses are:,,


I encourage everyone to write them repeatedly

Re: Fox Sport Southwest


But Dish keeps charge me for Fox Sports though I am not getting.  My monthly fee has no dropped one penny since the channel was removed.  This is unethical and should be illegal.  Dish isn't paying for Fox Sports any more so they should no longer be charging for it.  The argument that it is Fox Sports fault dosen't hold water.  Dish is the only satellite/cable provider that has not made a deal with them.  Even Hulu Live has it.

Re: Fox Sport Southwest

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And how much on your bill is the charge for Fox Sports RSNs? You don’t pay on a per channel basis. You also didn’t get a change in pricing when they added channels either.