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I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years.  Paying your high prices. So far we have been happy but taking away Fox Southwest will result in our dropping your services and finding another provider.  Why will other providers have Fox Southwest and you don’t.  Your high price should cover your keeping it. You will lose thousands of customers if you don’t get it back!

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Re: Fox Southwest

Supporting Role
The high price is already to cover the channels costs. Should they accept the new deal, that high price that is assumed to be giving them a large profit, would actually be you paying more.

Re: Fox Southwest

Visual Engineer

You are absolutely right!! Dish needs to get an agreement soon or they will lose a lot of customers.


Fox Sports is the main reason I got Dish twenty+ years ago. Without it, they're useless.


It's a shame they don't care about their loyal customers.


Get on it Dish!! The clock is ticking.

Re: Fox Southwest

Camera Crew

 Not Gonna Happen

Ergen has negotiated with the Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission to give him two more years to build a 5G network. Dish must build a 5G network that covers 20% of the country by June 2022 and 70% of the U.S. population by June 2023. If it doesn’t, Dish will have to pay the U.S. Treasury as much as $2.2 billion.

Hes got to get the money for this build out  somewhere looks like Locals and sports is a good start


Just Google Dish and 5g build out