Finding your sports team is ridiculous

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Finding your sports team is ridiculous

You know my account number, zip code etc., why is it so difficult to find what channel my sports team is on? Tonight is an example. I am Bay Area, so SF Giants. Search for Giants on dish anywhere on iPad, says pay for view, does not say what channel. Log into my account, it logs me in, go to game finder, and you want my zip code....why, you have that. It finds the game, says it is blacked out, period. It is also in east coast time.....why, you know I'm on the west coast. I then just look around, and of course, it's on a local channel that the dish online guide says is "anger management" show.....perfect.

Every night, for any sport, it's 10 minutes of searching. We have a second home in the Bay Area that has Comcast cable. I hit guide twice, select sports, and all the local teams are the one I want and I'm 10 seconds.

Please look at that, it's really a pain.
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Re: Finding your sports team is ridiculous

DISH Employee
We do not own the programming. We distribute it to you on behalf of the programming owners. The programming is controlled by the leagues, sports associations, and networks that purchase the rights to the broadcasts. We are happy to forward your feedback.

You are welcome to submit your own feedback directly to us via