Don't want local channel to be dropped

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Don't want local channel to be dropped

Don't want my local channel dropped. WNDU 16 is my favorite local channel that includes many favorites that I watch every day. I lost MAVTV right after I signed on with Dish, now my favorite local? if it goes, I will have to go as well.
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Can't lose local channels

My locals are CBS ch-19 - Fox27 - ABC ch-16 where my TV stays on 80% of all viewing. I will have to close account or switch to smaller pkg or pay per view for other 20%. I have been with your company for over 15 years and have sent other customers. When you decide to cut services or increase rates it affects large communities, emergency alerts that inform and save lives. Not good business to put the money beast in front of informing folk with their local channels. Don't cut my Locals. Andy Johnson

local chanels

I live the the Reno NV area. The reason I switched from Direct TV to Dish Network about 13 years ago, was because at that time they Direct TV did not carry local channels. Now Direct TV does carry local channels. So does Charter.
If Dish network won't support our local stations...then I won't support Dish Network. I don't want to say goodbye to Dish network but if I need to change providers to get local programing like KOLO 8 in Reno NV...well then that is what I will have to do. -Jerry-

Re: Can't lose local channels

I agree completely I also do not want to lose my local Reno NV channels. I have been a customer for 13 years.

Re: Don't want local channel to be dropped

Dish wants to pull the plug on my local channels in Reno NV My favorite station KOLO 8 is in danger of being removed from Dish Network. Dish...please don't let this happen.

Re: Don't want local channel to be dropped

femgme wrote:
Dish wants to pull the plug on my local channels in Reno NV

This is a flat out lie.

Funny thing, people in Oklahoma recently got a huge smack in the face regarding who does and who does not actually do the channel removing. One of the local channels is in the process of trying to bully Dish. Then a huge life-threatening winter storm hit. The local channel quickly decided to allow Dish to carry the channel during that event.

You have a choice to make, femgme. Keep blaming Dish, and in fact if you want, you can go to another carrier, although obviously Dish would prefer that you don't. But guess what? Your KOLO 8 [b:2q2ig3re]will absolutely[/b:2q2ig3re] do the same thing to whatever provider you switch to. Or, you could call/write your Congresscritter. They caused the mess, they need to fix it. Now, your KOLO 8 would really like you to keep blaming Dish, and even switch. And then when you switch to DirecTV and your KOLO 8 bullies them, they would like you to switch from DirecTV. Your KOLO 8 doesn't care, because you are doing exactly what they want you do to, and that is NOT make any attempt to address the real problem.

So, like I said, the choice is yours. You can do something about it, or you can keep letting your KOLO 8 play you like a fiddle.

Re: Don't want local channel to be dropped

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I had to laugh at CongressCritter. Mines McCain...

Re: Don't want local channel to be dropped

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Looks like dish is dropping locals everywhere? It isn't all on the network its part dish as well just because they come on and say its the stations fault it isnt. If i was paying 12 a month for 4 locals and lost 2 but still pay the same 12 who is bullying who? Maybe dish of its customers? I started with them in Feb and wasnt impressed when they shut off my premiums about 2 weeks early of the 3 months free lie. The contract was lied on by dish advertising 3 free months it wasnt 4 local channels and bout 6 months in its only 2 my mom had cable over 30 years never did the locals disappear dish is horrible in my opinion