Dish Network and Lockwood 'WAR'

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Dish Network and Lockwood 'WAR'

Character Actor

I got the following email from Kimberly W/Dish Network and an OTA antenna is NOT AN OPTION FOR US! Believe me we have tried.  If Direct TV had decent customer service we would have left Dish 11 months ago when this began.  This is ridiculous!  Two high powered corporations who cannot come to an agreement and the ones suffering the consequences are the customers!!!




KimberlyH (DISH Employee) posted a new reply in Channels and Packages on 11-15-2018 10:56 AM:


Re: Local Channel Price Increase

  I understand your frustration. DISH does pay to provide your local channels, however having locals channels is optional for customers since some customers can purchase an over the air antenna, and pick up locals depending on the area they live in. 

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Re: Dish Network and Lockwood 'WAR'

Camera Crew

You are not alone. We can't get anything OTA where I live (and that includes through a large, powered antenna that we installed on our roof years ago) either, which is a large part of the reason we have Dish. It seems if we send a complaint to Dish about programming they are losing, their first answer has become either "put up an antenna" or "their programming is available online (id; HBO Now)". It's just pathetic.