Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

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Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

Costume Designer

Dish is gona raise our prices the same reguardless of the deal they make with HBO so i find this whole thing to be funny, what is funnier is by the time  HBO is restored I will have removed it from programing I have not really cared since it was pulled but saving 10$ on something that was never watched other then when Game of Thrones was on.


Either way Dish will raise our prices the same reguardless of happens and reguardless to what there offical statement is.


I actual spend more time streaming free channels like Comettv and bunch of other channels from Roku, in the end what will happen is I will drop dish to bare minuimum then at some point drop them too

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

It would be nice if dish would provide an update. But if something isn't progressing soon, I may have to go elsewhere. I know there are options to get hbo, but why not just move everything to another provider.

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

Character Actor

I do wish Dish would contact the Justice Dept for any update about an anticipated court ruling date. At least we'd think someone cares about subscribers anxiety just a bit more. That being said, I'm now getting HBO via PS4 streaming and am not not nearly as anxious about this as I was just a few days ago.


I was so unhappy when AT&T bought my local landline telephone service a few years ago and, sure as heck, AT&T customer service was soooo bad that I moved to internet phone service via my cable provider. Cable channel selection was anemic compared to Dish, so here I am.  NEVER, NEVER again will I deal with anything controlled by AT&T, including DirectTV. I'd be forced to go back to my wimpy local cable TV service and deal with all the quality and maintenance issues there. At least service was prompt. 

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when


Hey Charlie Ergen, do you read what your customer are saying? I dought it. Your concern for your wallet is the only thing driving your negotiations. It is sad. I have been a long time customer but after this mess you have caused and when my contract is up, we will be forced, by your greedy actions, to take our business elsewhere. Maybe when enough of the loyal ones paying your wages leave, you might take some notice.


I was locked into HBO for "life" for $10 a month, then oddly it went to $15 and then when you walked away from the negoations table at the end of last year, we have been dark since. The pittiful offer of HD Net is a joke and a slap in the face.


Attention Stake Holders, time to look for someone who can actually negotiate and not walk away. Someone who can put customer first and not their wallet.

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

DISH Employee

We absolutely get how much the channel negotiations impact you, DT, and certainly don't want to lose you from our DISH Family. There hasn't been a timeline given on the negotiation process, since an agreement could be reached at any time, but we are still working to reach a mutually beneficial agreement to get the programming back.


If you'd like to send me a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, I'll be happy to see if there are any other offers available to help make up for the loss of content. 


Here are the steps for sending a Private Message:

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

Supporting Role
You mean the majority of customers that are saying they pay too much already or the minority of customers screaming too loudly that they want the over 80% of people that did not subscribe to HBO previously to pay for it so they can have it. I’m sure he is listening to what his customers are saying, especially considering he mentioned it specifically in the quarterly report.

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

Camera Crew

High bandwidth in homes was the death knell for satellite TV.  Dish is no longer insterested in the expensive satellite delivery service, and who can blame them?  The quality is not good and it costs a fortune to maintain and launch new satellites.  They can't even get 4k to work!


Charlie's only interest is in his new 5G network now, and he aims to deliver all over-the-top content that way... just like everyone else. 


Say goodbye to satellite TV, as it is going the way of the buggy whip in a hurry.  Charlie knows it.   Shareholders know it, and everyone else can at least smell it.  If you can't, you better get sniffing!


Rural customers may have few choices at first, but that is changing fast as well.  City folk have been cutting cords left and right, and opting for streaming services instead.  The faster Charlie can move the satellite sub base from Dish, the faster he can direct funds into the new content delivery system.


I'm sure they aren't happy about losing HBO for the subs on Sling (what they really care about), but at the same time you can get an HBO subscription.  That's what AT&T wants you to do, too.  Dish has enough in the bank to get their build-out completed and still lose a LOT of revenue.  They just have to time it right.


The new subscription model will be making the Hopper (or it's great grandson) a 100% streaming device, which as you know is already well underway.  They can then push that device entirely to Sling and be an all-in-one streaming content and delivery service, via the new 5G network.  One monthly fee for all of your content - all from one provider.  Exactly what satellite used to be!


Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

This whole thing has been a joke from the beginning. Dish promise might as well be read this and believe it if you're an idiot. Dish could care less about updating their customers. I'll be moving on as well soon because Dish isn't making it worth my time anymore to deal with the bs. You would think they would give you a couple pay per view coupons or something each month to make up for the inconvenience but no they give you six hours of old 60s movies on a Friday night. I can watch those on AMC ya idiots. Instead of trying to give the customers something to ease the trouble they try insulting your intelligence by acting like they are giving you great content in place of it. Then when your call them on the phone they say "well we aren't charging your for it". Of course you're not asshats because your aren't supplying the network. They think all their customers are idiots because most of them live in the country.

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

I hate AT&T as much as anyone but I had Directv prior to dish. I got dish about 3 years ago and didn’t mind the occasional channel dispute because usually they are short. However here lately they seem to happening more frequently and with no end in sight. So I switched back to Directv. I have nothing bad to say about Dish I just can’t stand the constant carriage disputes.

Re: Cinemax and HBO brought back to Dish when

Costume Designer

Well, I hope Charlie plans to build and have his own towers for delivery because broadband in my area isn't worth a crapola due to the traffic.  That's just from cell phone sharing.