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Cantonese Packages - Jadeworld and Gem


Hey Dish Community and Dish:


I am here as a long time Dish customer. I am very excited to find that Dish Network is offerring the Cantonese Gem Pack for Dish customers. However, I found out that I cannot choose the Cantonese Gem Pack when selecting the Jadeworld Package. I am planning to get a plan that has the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC) Channel 9941 while I can also watch TVB Jadeworld Channels. The only two options I have as of today, May 4, 2018, is to forego the Jadeworld Package and only select the Gem Pack in which I will not have access to any Jadeworld Channels. The second option is to forego my America's Top 250 package and choose the Chinese Basic in order to watch Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC) Channel 9941. Neither of these options is an option due to the fact that Chinese Basic will not allow me to choose packs such as News, Kids, etc. I am very disappointed to see that Dish only offers 2 Now channels as add-ons and does not make the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC) as an add-on. Also, don't add the fact that the Mandarin Great Wall Package or the Taiwanese Mega Pack has the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC). The Mandarin Great Wall Package only has the Phoneix Overseas and Phoenix News Channels and not the Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC). There is a third option in which I can enroll into Sling. But, I really do not want to add Sling on top of my Dish and the fact that I currently have Hopper 3, I would have to add Sling with DVR service in order to be able to record Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC) on the DVR.


The purpose for this forum is to first tell DISH to add Phoenix Hong Kong Channel (PXHKC) onto the Jadeworld Package or the Now Add-On. DISH can also allow Jadeworld customers to also choose the Gem Pack and not to force customers to choose between Jadeworld or Gem. Lastly, DISH can also allow Chinese Basic customers to pick more packs that include News and Kids. I appreciate DISH in reading this and addressing this issue.



A. Chan

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Re: Cantonese Packages - Jadeworld and Gem

DISH Employee

Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas, A. Chen! Oftentimes channels are placed in certain packages due to the contracts we have with the channel providers. The Cantonese Jadeworld and Cantonese Gem packages are only able to be added independently, much like the core programming (America's Top 200 can't be added with Flex Pack).


I've also forwarded this along to our programming team, regarding the options you'd like to see.