CBS Network lockout

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Re: CBS Network lockout

I am so ready to drop dish for disrupting and not respecting the patrons who pay,extra mind you, to get our local channels and CBS is the major channel I watch! I don’t care what their supposed reason is . It is clearly all about their profit and squeezing a dome out. To me holding the customer hostage for not having access we pay for to our local channels is absolutely wrong. There is no explanation that they can provide me for this. I hope they actually see this and read it with the fact if I have to miss my cbs shows I may just quit dish altogether

Re: CBS Network lockout

DISH Employee

We definitely get how much the channel negotiations impact you, Starla, and definitely don't want to see you leave our DISH Family. If you'd like to send a Private Message with your account/phone number and 4 digit security code, I'll be happy to see what options are available to help make up for the loss of content. 


Here are the steps for sending a Private Message:

Re: CBS Dispute

Why don’t you as a responsible corporate member of the broadcast industry negotiate in good faith and get it done. You don’t read the messages from your customers were extremely upset with your negotiations. Get it done or lose everyone.