2 local channels missing as kwwl took them off.

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2 local channels missing as kwwl took them off.


When are these channels coming back on?   We pay the same if they are there or not.  How fair is that?  We are missing 2 channels.   I would think they would replace them with something or lower our price.    What's up dish?   I came here from Directv and will go back if something is not done.   If you try to chat with a Dish representative they give you the same answers all the time.  Never a straight answer.   So, when or what?????????????????????????????????????????????

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Re: 2 local channels missing as kwwl took them off.

Screen Writer
Remember, you explicitly agreed you expect no substitution or compensation. It is covered both in the service agreement and contract.

That said, you do not pay on a per channel basis. It works the same in reverse. You do not get charged more when they add a channel either. You pay for a package sold as subject to change, and it has now changed. If you feel it is not worth it, you have the choice of removing the locAls package. You also have the option of adding an OTA antenna and continue recording if you run it through your Dish receiver. So as far as fairness... yes, it is fair.