Two year contract for a new Joey? Farewell!

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Two year contract for a new Joey? Farewell!


Dear Dish,


I've been a happy customer and evangelist for the Dish platform for well over a decade.  I first got this with a roommate in the early 2000's when it became available in Salem, MA with local channels.  I have had it ever since - call it fifteen years with two exceptions: 1) I was in Afghanistan and 2)  I had an apartment for 6 months where I couldn't add a dish to the roof.


So when I wanted to upgrade my Joey to a 4k device, I was told that it would be a new two-year contract and a fee.


I did the math and at $7/month from four days after we closed on our house, I've paid precisely $455 for the pleasure of having your HD Joey in my home.  Thanks but no thanks to both of your insulting offers to get a new one now that technology has moved on.I told you that I would go looking then, and I have. 


As of this morning, a similarly named dish lives on my roof next to the one you gave me some 4 1/2 years ago. 


I don't care what economist you've listened to, I assure you that customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition.  I was happy until you tried to chain me in.  I'm gone and there are 5 families coming with me.  Enjoy paying for your ads explaining exactly how the "other guys" will cheat me.  You could have saved the dollars and put it back into your existing customers.  We'd have happily stayed.


It happened to the cellular provider I've been with through several name changes for literally over two decades.  You were both looking for the new customers in a saturated market and you both lost the ones that were happy with you today.  I hope you enjoy the new customers you are giving discounts to.




A Disappointed Fanboi


p.s.  I may see you in two years when you won't be able to hold yourself back from giving me all kinds of free stuff because I'm a "new customer."


But then again, I may not.  We'll see how the other guys are.

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Re: Two year contract for a new Joey? Farewell!


Hope you're happy with your new service.  I'm curious as to how many years the "other guys" made you commit to for signing on with them.  Also, watch what happens to your monthly bill after their introductory rates ends.


Re: Two year contract for a new Joey? Farewell!

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And unlike the other guys, you’re given the option with Dish to not only purchase your 4K Joey to avoid the contract, but you can also use an OTA antenna and save $12/month. Also, if you had the H1’s, and you’re going to a Genie, you’re going to think it’s an upgrade, but what you’re missing is all the advances that blow the Genie out of the water with the H3.