Same Charges. Fewer channels? Really?

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Same Charges. Fewer channels? Really?

Character Actor

So let me get this straight. Dish blames the other guy for not agreeing to the same terms as before - eg. Fox Sports Regional networks in the middle of baseball pennant races and YOU eliminate multiple channels yet still charge the same amount? Then YOU remove the local CBS affiliate in Metro Atlanta because of a similar dispute. And my bill remains the same? All while blaming the other guy and the CEO spouting this BS about defending the customer by taking things away?


And don't think me stupid to not realize the "free" inclusion of NFL RedZone is just a bone thrown our way to give Dish justification to charge the same amount. Free, I am not that gullible or ignorant.



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Re: Same Charges. Fewer channels? Really?

Casting Director

You need to realize that Dish did not remove the channels - the channel owners did.  I've had Dish for years & some network owners leave their channels up while negotiating new contracts, others don't.  I'm sure Dish would prefer to have the channels available rather than make customers mad. 


Read up on how many of the networks/owners are demanding double & triple for the same programming, all pay tv & streaming services are fighting what seems to be a losing battle when contracts come up for renewal.  Expect higher prices until the industry does something.


Re: Same Charges. Fewer channels? Really?

Character Actor
I don't want to hear how poor Dish is. They make plenty of money and they can make this contract negotiation happen. They don't want to because of one reason: greed. I'm gone. Is a big pain in the **bleep** but it's worth it. Now I can watch the Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues play. DirecTV ponied up and we can watch it there. Des just failed miserably oh, and now that they've made this their official position they're screwing everybody who is a Dish customer. And it's for one reason only: greed.