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Sales Rep promises

My DishTv Sales Rep, Kevin, promised me a $20-$25 a month savings after looking at my DirecTV bill. He convinced me to switch to Dish. During my welcome call I found out I was only going to save $13 a month. To rectify this, Kevin asked about my internet provider. When I told him in with Century Link, Kevin said he can get my century link bill decreased by $12. Bc it was Memorial Day weekend, he couldn't call C.L. customer service. So Kevin requested all our C.L. account information including the account password. We were weary of this, but he assured us a cheaper monthly bill.

How can be do this? Does DishTv have leverage with Century Link in Indiana?

Kevin assured me he would do this on Tuesday then call me. Of course he never called. I called Kevin and he at first had no idea who I was, then seemed clueless about getting us a discount. He finally "remembered" and assured he that will still call..... Once I "cancel my DirecTV".

The situation is getting fishy. I feel foolish for handing over account information.

Is this standard behavior for DishTv Sales Representatives? Luckily my phone automatically records and saves all phone conversations so I can prove this to DishTv. Is anyone on this Forum a DishTv official employee?
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Re: Sales Rep promises

DISH Employee

I'm sorry about the frustration you had when you contacted us about DISH service, and I'd be glad to answer any questions you have. What phone number did you call for service? Has an account been set up yet? If so, please send us a private message with your account/phone number and 4 digit PIN. Also, the names shows in "orange" on this forum are DISH employees.