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Rental Tax


This is my newest bill. It is $3.44 above my 2 year price agreement($120.02) which is only 3 month old.The FCC charge remains and is unchanged from previous bills. All representatives are unable to identify what this tax is or where I can learn about it. I was referred to

for further info. Thanks for anything you can find out.

Previous Activity
Previous Bill 120.02
12/13/17 Card Payment -120.02
Previous Bill minus Payment(s) $0.00
this line is supposed to be blank
12/31/17 - 01/30/18 TV 2 Year Guarantee
America's Top 250 (reg $84.99) 74.99
Local Channels 10.00
12/31/17 - 01/30/18 Equipment
Super Joey Receiver 10.00
Joey Receiver 7.00
Joey Receiver 7.00
Joey Receiver 7.00
Joey Savings 5of24 -2.00
Joey Savings 5of24 -2.00
Joey Savings 5of24 -2.00
Hopper DVR Service 15.00
Hopper Savings 5 of 24 -5.00
12/31/17 - 01/30/18 Add-Ons
DISH Protect Silver 8.99
DISH Protect 5 of 6 -8.99
01/01/18 Rental Tax 3.44
01/01/18 FCC Regulatory Fee 0.03
TV $123.46

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Re: Rental Tax

I'm not a Dish rep, and i didn't even read the entire post, just scanned it, but I can tell you what it is for.

These days, many cities, counties, and even states are broke, almost to the point of bankruptcy. They've started to get really creative on taxes and fees, charging tax for services was just the beginning. I would of course need your zip code to look it up (or you could on Google), but since it started at the new year, I'd bet good money your area, be it city, county, state, or whatever, has decided that rental of the Dish devices is now taxable. Looks like you're paying $46/month for the equipment, 7.5% of that would be $3.45.

Of course, taxes are not price guaranteed, as that would be completely impossible and illegal.

Also, strictly speaking you're not paying for the rental of the devices but the use, as the same amount is charged even if you purchase the equipment. Not that your average cash-strapped municipality cares about the distinction. Bottom line, your representatives created this tax.

Re: Rental Tax

Casting Director
Also, the FCC recovery fee is a fee that is passed onto customers for a fee that the FCC charges the company to operate. It is not a tax to the customer, so it is not included as taxes, but is an additional cost to operate certain things. Blame those that claim they are helping you(elected and unelected leaders) for why your bills go up in stupid fees like that.