Poor service and constantly increasing monthly charges...

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Poor service and constantly increasing monthly charges...


I have called DISH several times about my service (or lack and/or problems therewith). The reps have usually tried their best to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, they either did not have the authority and/or the expertise to handle the issue(s) completely and finally, forcing me to call, being put on "hold", numerous times and ending with an unsatisfactory result.


While I have been a DISH customer for a long time, I am at the point of cancelling my service due to constantly increasing monthly charges and problems with DISH service. If I can't get my current package and service at a similar charge that I had before my "credits" expired without having to call every few weeks to get extensions/credits, I WILL cancel and pursue other alternatives.


Has anyone out there had similar problems?  If so, is there a special way to get issues resolved at a level that does not require an extensive call every few weeks and be shuttled around and put on hold to deal with the problem only to have to repeat the process again and again?  DISH used to be pretty easy to deal with.  NOT any more!  Regards, Tied, Tried and Tired in Texas

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Re: Poor service and constantly increasing monthly charges...

Supporting Role
Credits are not meant for long term. They are a courtesy. Same will go for other providers. If you’re trying for extended deep discounts, you actually cost more to maintain as a customer.
I’m not sure if they are still offering it, but they were offering the new customer price and price lock for existing qualifying customers. You might want to ask about that. It does require a new 24 month contract though.

Re: Poor service and constantly increasing monthly charges...

DISH Employee

Phred, credits that are provided as a courtesy do expire and the increase you are seeing is the regular monthly rate for your current programming and equipment. My goal is to help make your service better in any way I can. I would be happy to take a look at your account and see what we can do to find a more permanent solution. 

Can you please send us a Private Message with your phone/account number and 4 digit PIN? You can do this by clicking the mail icon on the top right corner of the page and click New Message. You will need to type in my username in the Send To field.