Pay Per View charge keeps recurring

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Pay Per View charge keeps recurring


We keep getting charged every month for the same PPV movie we rented back in November. Why? I use the online payment and the same movie gets charged to our acount every month.


Also, why doesn't your chat service work? The account page also asks us to add a second phone number, wth? we don't have a second phone number to add. This is all very frustrating!

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Re: Pay Per View charge keeps recurring

Community Manager
Community Manager

Is there anyone else in your home who could be ordering this movie? 


Setting up Parental Controls can help prevent unauthorized purchases from being made on your equipment. 


If you have a Hopper, it's super easy to set up!


Simply go to your Menu, select Settings, then select Parental Controls. In this Menu, you can adjust your settings to your preferences. 


That's all there is to it!


You can also check out this link on our support page on how you can set up Parental Controls: 


Don't forget that you can copy these settings to compatible receivers in your Whole Home network simply by selecting where it says "Copy Settings."


If you have a different receiver model, you can find those settings here: 



If you're having issues with our Chat, please be sure that you have pop ups enabled. 


If you don't have another phone number to add, it won't be necessary to up date that information on your MyDISH account. 

Extra charges every month


4 times in the last 6 months I am being charged for some type of pay per view or on demand programming. Dish's answer is always the same, "it came from your remote". Nobody at this address has ever ordered anything but they basically say that if they say I did it, I did. I have my remote password protected and nobody but me knows the code. I'm getting very frustrated with this company. I had Directv for 12 years and never had this issue. Needless to say I'm not happy.

Re: Extra charges every month

Production Manager
Pay per views do not order themselves. Do you have just one tv on your account?