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Equipment Charges

Character Actor
I currently have an original Hopper and one (original) Joey which I am leasing. I noticed, on the Hopper upgrade comparison chart, it shows the following under monthly fees; a $15 DVR fee, and a $7 receiver fee for the second TV, for a total of $22. The heading shows that this is for one Hopper 3 and one Joey. On my bill, under Equipment, it shows a $12 Hopper DVR Service, a $7 Joey receiver fee, and a $5 TV2 receiver fee. To me, it looks like I'm paying twice for the 2nd TV/Joey. I tried to find an explanation of the 2 fees on the Dish website, but couldn't find anything about the fees. Am I being overcharged?

Thanks for your assistance.
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Re: Equipment Charges

Community Manager
Community Manager
Can you send me a PM with your account number and PIN so I can look into this in full? Thanks!