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Equipment Charges


I just purchased from Amazon a Dish Tailgater and 211k reciever for used while traveling in my RV.  I recieved the equipment today and got online with Dish to set up my account.  I did not have a Dish account or any of their equipment at my home as I have cable service.  I wanted to set up a Pay-As-You-Go account with the Flex programming package.  After all of the sign up info I was informed that there would be a $7.00 Reciever fee.  Previous chats (which I saved) mention various taxes but never a "receiver" fee.  


Sorry, but this kind of sat sour with me like it was being sneaked into the bill at the last second.  Does anyone who owns their equipment get charged this?

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Re: Equipment Charges

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Since there is no monthly lease fees, the fees for purchased and owned equipment are the same. I have not seen how things work with it, but have seen that there is a non DVR fee if you do not have a DVR.