Disappointed in DISH

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Disappointed in DISH

We are longtime DISH subscribers and for the most part - pleased with programming & service. While reviewing our recent bill, a free movie we received from DISH in 9-16, cost was added to our 5-17 statement. Chatting with a DISH billing rep got the charge removed - but why was it added 9 months later - when it was free to begin with?

SB Family
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Re: Disappointed in DISH

Community Manager
Community Manager
Did you recently replace your equipment?

Sometimes charges are applied to the account if we never received them through regular means. The charge was still authorized in the receiver, and when we removed it from your account and scanned the memory on the receiver - the charge might erroneously shown as not charged.

I would need to review the account in full in order to provide the actual reason as to why this happened. Feel free to PM your account number and PIN so I can do that for you.