DISH is THE WORST Customer Service Around!

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DISH is THE WORST Customer Service Around!


So.. I want to cancel my service NOW, but the wait time on the phone is over 30min.. and I was 114th in the chat queue! DISH is an underhanded, low-life company that doesn't give a **bleep** about it's customers. I hope the go bankrupt soon, like Hughes Net did.


Why? Becuase they do under-handed crap like "Oh, rather then cancel we can lower your monthly bill.. does 18.95 a month sound good? Will you stay for that package?".. then 12 months later, when your bill jumps back up to $65.00, you find out that that "reduction in leu of canceling" was only a 12 month temporary deal! And you also find out that dropping your package down to the very basic also commited you to another 2 years (another detail NOT disclosed)!


And then you have to ask.. "Why do I have to call to Cancel!? Shouldn't I be able to cancel online?". The answer is YES.. there is absolutely NO technical reason why DISH couldn't make it so a subscriber can cancel online.. So why don't they? Because they know that adding as much bullcrap and hassle in your way, making it difficult if not almost impossible to cancel, is yet another low-handed retention ploy they (and other shady companies) use to keep their revenue going!


It's very telling of how good DISH is when they have to essentially lie, cheat, and hold customer captive in order to keep their revenue going. Fortunately, in this day of information and YouTube... that won't last long! Nobody needs DISH! There are better online content providers (of which DO allow you to cancel online). DISH is crap for treating their customers this way... but they could care less, so posting here would have little effect.


Just leave! Pure and Simple... Just stop paying your bill... and totally ignore their nagging (which is far easier to do then canceling your subscription). Screw them! If their going to treat you like your nothing... treat them the same!


Goodbye DISH!! You SUCK!