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Crazy renewal offer

Camera Crew
What is up with this crazy renewal offer. First the link states enjoy the same great promotional pricing we give our new customers but when I click on the offer is just $15 off. For the same 3 tvs a new customer would get a top200, hopper 3, two Joey's, hbo for a year, other premiums for 3 months, multi-sport till 1/8 and a dot all for 89.99 per month. I would be paying $119 per month just hbo, no dot, no multi-sport and be stuck with the slow hopper2 (after the "upgrade") , joey and super Joey. To get that $15 savings per month I have to renew for 24 months with a pro rated $240 early termination fee (so if for some reason I were to want to drop dish after the first month, I would pay $230 to save $15.) So the only commonality between my renewal offer and the new customer offer is the 24 month commitment. Think I will pay the extra $15 so I can go as I please.
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Re: Crazy renewal offer

Community Manager
Community Manager
The renewal offer offers new customer promotional pricing on your package, not all customer promotional offers.

If you have a Hopper system, you also receive a discount to bring the price of DVR services down to $10.

If you have further questions regarding your account, feel free to PM me your info.