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Contract Manipulation


I called in September of 2018 to cancel my DISH service, fully intending to pay the cancelation fee for terminating the contract early by a whole year.  I had my card ready to pay the penalty THAT DAY.  I needed to reduce my monthly bills because I was leaving my job and decided that I don't use DISH enough to really justify the high cost.  I tend to watch YouTube and Netflix and only used DISH to see my local news segment at night.


The customer service rep bent over backwards to keep me with DISH by telling me he could get the plan reduced so that I would only pay enough each month that it would equal the amount that I would have paid that day and I could keep the service and just cancel at the end of the 2-year contract in September 2019 without paying a fee.  I was impressed by his thoughtfulness and agreed because yes, that money could have gone somewhere else.  We scheduled a tech appointment.  Someone came to my house and took my DVR reciever and replaced it with a very basic one and I went on with my life.


I called a couple of days ago after noticing that my bill was raised and remembered that this month was the end of my contract!  I called to cancel.  The person I spoke to was very helpful and kind but we both discovered that apparently, I signed another contract at the time my reciever was switched for another 2-years.


I don't know who to talk to about this.  I feel manipulated and if that rep is continuing to help people, he is probably doing the same exact thing to others.  You can't coerse someone to not cancel their contract by making them sign another contract that locks them in again for 2 years.  I wanted to cancel that day in 2018.  Now DISH got another year of my money for a service I don't need and they're about to get my cancellation fee too so I don't have to deal with this anymore. This is horrible.  DISH was a great company to me until this happened.  I hope people see what happened to me before they try to reduce their servies.

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Re: Contract Manipulation

DISH Employee

Hey acastillo7! Changing out equipment like this does start a new 24 month agreement, I apologize for the miscommunications here, I can't promise anything about the contract but I'd like to look into it further with you. Please send me a Private Message so I can look at your account! You can view step-by-step instructions on how to send a PM here: