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Cancelling Service


Dear Dish,


I had called Dish on two separate occassions to cancel the service.


One on 1/25/18 - where the request was made the cancel the service on end of  billing cycle which is 2/15/18.


Then another call was made on 1/31/18 to request cancellation as soon as possible.


But as of 2/5/18 when the service was not cancelled, I called again to cancel and give the credit back. But, I was told that no call was ever made on 1/31/18. That was very disppointing. It is a not big deal if we don't get the credit back for extra 6 days, but the sad part is how Dish can deny something like this. Please see below the proof (copy/paste)where an E-mail was sent from Dish to share experience about 2018-01-31 call. We have been with Dish for a really long time and never expected that. I am sure you can pull the same record from your system.

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Re: Cancelling Service


We are sorry to hear that you have cancelled your service.  Will you please send me a private message with your phone number and 4 digit PIN so that I can review this? 

Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator

Re: Cancelling Service


I just now got through and I did cancel my service.