Call about late bill every month

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Call about late bill every month

Does anyone else have to deal with this every month or is it just me? EVERY month since we have had DISH, we get a call regarding the bill. Your dish bill has not been paid, in order to yada yada yada." I have called this local office, I have stayed on the line after the automated call, I have "chatted" and no one, I mean absolutely no one can tell me why we continue to receive these calls. The bill was set up by DISH to be auto paid on the 16th of each month. The call usually comes in around the 9th or 10th. I am very close to telling them to come get their equipment and changing services.
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Re: Call about late bill every month

As long as the payment is made by the due date, it is not late. Block the number or simply don't answer the calls.

If, however, the arrangement was made to pay on the 16th as part of a "We'll let you pay late" deal, then the payment is still late, and that's why the calls continue, it's all automated. You might want to see if you can arrange to change the due date if this is the case.

However, your reference to a local office makes me wonder if there might be two parts to this story (as is the case with every story). A local office would almost surely be a retailer. If the calls are coming from them, Dish can really only do the same thing as you, ask them to stop.

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