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Billing Problem


Two years ago, November 2015, I cancelled my Dish account because I moved. It took several calls and 6 weeks before the account was actually cancelled in Jan. 2016. At the time, at my insistence at the poor customer service, I was told that the account would be back dated for cancellation. When Dish left me a box I returned the equipment as required.

Now, two years later a past due popped up on my credit report. After calling Dish they claim that I owe a payment, and that I owe them for unreturned equipment. Frist they said they would probably waive--after talking with the "back office" to get approval--the unreturned equipment fee. I told them that was unsatisfactory, because I didn't owe a payment, and it was not a waiver, as I had returned the equipment two years ago.

After putting me on hold so they could talk with the back office they came back and asked if I was reactivating Dish. When I said no, the said that I could expect that the back office would not likely give any waivers. Sure enough, after more hold time they said I owed them a payment and for unreturned equipment. My explanation was insufficient, they said, because their computer said that is what I owe.

I was sent to a supervisor, same result. I am completely frustrated. No bill ever arrived after my cancellation showing back balances or unreturned equipment charges, now two years later this pops up?

I think they had a computer glitch and the bill came up from before it got properly cancelled. Not happy. I was a customer for many years.

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