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Bill Paying Question

Hello Dish,

On December 5, I used online chat to ask about paying my bill a bit later than the due date. I dind't know what Dish's policy is on this sort of thing.

The online representative was awesome. He/she told me that I could indeed pay the bill late, and gave me the the final date I would have to pay by or services will be interrupted. The rep was very detailed and clearly knew what they were talking about. This was great news as I had a sudden financial situation develop.

The next day, my service was cut off. I called Dish and they said I was cut off due to now paying my bill. I explained that I had used online chat to make a payment arrangement that I assumed was all good. The phone rep said that I have to pay immediately to restore service. I explained again the payment arrangement I though I had made.

I spoke to a supervisor on the issue. They said I had to pay immediately and there is nothing they can do. I have been in customer service for 30 years, and there is never "nothing" you can do. I explained the online chat I had arranging to pay later. The supervisor said the online rep must have been confused and made a mistake. That person was not confused. As I had mentioned, the online chat was quite detailed and clear as to what the procedure was. How a rep can give detailed instructions and be confused I can't imagine.

The supervisor continued to say there was nothing they could do. She said they would use this incident as a "training issue". That's great but it didn't get my service re-connected. I had to pay, and get crushed with a substantial overdraft fee.

As mentioned, I have been in customer service for many years, and this doesn't resemble customer service in the slightest. Hearing that there is nothing that can be done was quite startling.

There isn't a business around that can afford to lose customers, and Dish clearly doesn't care about this. At this point I feel a nice bill credit is appropriate.


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Re: Bill Paying Question


Since you firmly believe, in your own words, there is never "nothing" you can do, then simply call your bank and ask them to reverse the overdraft charge. When they tell you there is nothing they can do, remember, that's not correct and insist.

Re: Bill Paying Question

I get paid later today so is my service going to be cut off

Re: Bill Paying Question

DISH Employee

Peggysue67, I would be more than happy to review your account. Please send me a Private Message with the phone number and 4 digit PIN on your account so that I can access and review your account. You can use this link for more information on how to send a Private Message: