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AutoPay users beware

Character Actor

First of all if you have setup AutoPay with ANY company I strongly suggest you reconcile your bank statements with the billing statements and compare the withdrawl dates with the published billing cycle policy of each company.


I just the finished the mildly entertaining process of an IRS tax audit in which the IRS tax auditor covered five years of returns.  I'm happy they actually found that they owed me money, however there were a few situations that were pointed out that are extremely alarming.

I have several AUTOPAY agreements setup probably just like many other peope do.   What was pointed out was the irregular schedule of withdrawls, or the widely varying amounts, from five different businesses.

Why would I bring this up in the Dish Community Forum?

The tax audit, which I'll reiterate again covered five tax years, showed me that DishNetwork has collected 91 payments since January 2013 for 66 months of service(July would be the 67th, but the audit was conducted in June).   That means I have paid them  $3,624.75 more than I have been billed for.  For those of you that do not wish to do the math DishNetwork has been collecting a "monthly" service fee every 21 days even though the AutoPay agreement clearly stated the withdrawl would occur on the same day every month.

I contacted my financial institution about this matter. Their loss-prevention team initiated an investigation that has now revealed another 517 bank customers that show the same or similar billing hsitory from DishNetwork.  My financial institution has referred this matter to the local State Attorney General's office for further investigation.


Now just to add horendous insult to the injury I just got a message displayed on my televison screen today that my service will be shut off for non-payment.

There is nothing anyone within this forum can do to solve this; however, I felt I should share this experience and suggest that everyone exercise some due diligence in regards to any AutoPay agreement you may have.  I say that because DishNetwork is just one of  five companies that have been fraudulently collecting money that is not owed to them.

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Re: AutoPay users beware

DISH Employee

Hi DeadBeatNative! With our Auto-pay, there is a fixed due date that the Auto Pay can pull the funds from the method preferred, but it does depend on your financial Institution to decide when the actual pulled funds will affect your account balance. 


I know I would be feeling concerned to see that message come up on the TV.  I will be happy to take a look at your account and see what we can do to prevent your services from being shut off.