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I have a Hopper 3  at home with an external hard drive with hundreds of recorded shows. Can i connect that hard drive to my "dish for my RV" Wally receiver? I will be in Alaska and there is no Dish signal for my Tailgator antenna .

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Re: wally/hopper 3

Screen Writer
No, the EHD can not be moved from a DVR to non DVR even on the same account. If you were going Hopper to Hopper you could.

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So the best RV solution is ti get a external HD for the wally.  set it up and fire it up while at home and record until my hearts content. then I will have something  on the road with no sat reception?  

How does this compare to the new hopper to go technolgy  

Re: wally/hopper 3

DISH Employee

Hey, tburandt! If you're not able to get signal with the Wally receiver, and have Internet at your home to connect your Hopper to, the HopperGo would be a great alternative to buying an External Hard Drive. Your Hopper at home needs to be internet-connected in order to pair with DISH Anywhere and transfer content to the HopperGO. 


The HopperGO is only able to hold 100 hours of recordings, compared to a variety of options with the External Hard Drives. 


You can view more details about the HopperGO here: https://www.mydish.com/hoppergo