u511 network feedback again..

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u511 network feedback again..

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So a few years back there was update to hopper system that cause feedback to be feed in the network,  connected 2ghz/5ghz wifi connections, would both feedback a constant 16/32kbps to my router which in turn sendback to EVER device on the network theh hopper is wired or wifi. This feedback is clearly visable in Win7/10 taskmanager network tab, Soon as I disconnect the hopper the feedback  show from the taskmanager network  on all device on this network is gone, soon as I reconnect the hopper system the feedback is back.


Last time I reported this on the old forums 1 person bothered to test this and saw the saw behavior, dish never really replied to the topic  and there never acknowled it, and it took dish 3 update to fix this feedback.


well this behavior is back, while this may seem incicent and just cosmatic bug it rather annoying and bad bug to  it make tracking down network activity  next to impossible on pc systems cause hopper is once again  sending feedback in to the network.


I dont expect much help about this, but i fiqure i post this here I have aslo reported this to my dish case manager and they will be incontact with me


Hope it is fix soon and not 3+ updates down the line. seeing i requarly check my systems for rogue network activity, when there idle, I  should not have to disconnect my hooper to stop feedback that should behappening in first place

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