"HD signal loss" but only on FRFM (channel 180)

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"HD signal loss" but only on FRFM (channel 180)

Whenever I try to change to channel 180 (FRFM - FreeForm network) I get this message:

"Signal loss on HD channel, tuning to SD equivalent"

Because of this whenever I try to record anything from this channel it does not work. The timer gets set up, and the channel changes, but then nothing is recorded. I don't mean black screen, I mean there's no recording listed. When I look at the recording history details to see what happened it shows "signal loss detected."

Maybe this is because it's set up to record in HD and the channel is now only in SD? I guess a workaround would be to try to record in SD but I'd really rather fix the signal loss problem so that I can get this channel in HD.

Can someone help me figure out this problem?

I already tried restarting everything (power off, wait, then reboot) just to see if that would help but no luck.

Thank you!
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Re: "HD signal loss" but only on FRFM (channel 180)

Casting Director
Your antenna likely needs realigned. It sounds like it may be just slightly out of alignment.

Re: "HD signal loss" but only on FRFM (channel 180)

DISH Employee
If the HD channel is not getting a signal and you have the DVR set to record the HD channel, it wont be able to record anything since the signal is lost. The signal shouldn't be reverting and we would need to troubleshoot this with you. To start, make sure there is no snow or ice on the DISH and that the receiver is in the same location it was installed in. We will need to check the signal strength you are receiving. All satellite signals should be green.

On the front of the receiver, what model do you have? Hopper or VIP?

If you have the Hopper, you can check the signal by pressing the House button ( or Menu button depending on your remote) 3 times to get to the Diagnostics screen. Then go down to Status and select Check Status.

If you have a VIP receiver, you will press the Menu button on the remote then go to System Setup> Installation> System Info. Once on the System Info screen, wait until the "A" boxes reaches 100% to see the status of the Signals.

Re: "HD signal loss" but only on FRFM (channel 180)

Hi, thanks for your reply!

The dish has not been moved, is not blocked by snow or ice, and not blocked by anything else as far as I can tell. But maybe some trees grew or something like that?

By the way, I was able to record something from that channel by setting up the option to record in SD. So I have a workaround for now. I have not seen this problem on any other channels that I'm watching so it's not impacting me very much.

We have a VIP DVR. I checked the status as you directed. In the "a" box it said "Status: Good". In the "g" box everything was green.

I won't be able to respond over the weekend. If you have other suggestions I'll read them and reply next week (Tuesday). Thanks again.