"Free on Demand" bug

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"Free on Demand" bug

Major Havoc

Because the Hopper continues to not record shows properly that are part of PTAT, I have the option often to watch them on demand to see shows screwed up.

OK, so I delete the show that is wrong, and go back to search for the show. There, on the screen, is the list if shows still in the DVR, and a list of shows that say "Free on Demand." These are shows I also happened to just have deleted.

BUT, if I click on when of them, it brings up the DVR screen for watching the show currently sitting in the trash, NOT the video on demand show I want to watch. I have to wait for the shows in the DELETE folder to actually delete before I can watch them on demand. Except, often, by the time that happens, they are no longer available on VOD.

Sorry if this does not make sense. Here are a few images to help.


So I select the video on demand item in the list and press enter, and this is what I get:



This is what i would see if the video was stiil in the DVR space. EXCEPT, then it would show as a DVR item in the first list, and it doesn't. This is a bug. Bottom line, stop looking in the trash when trying to start an item. And if it says Video on Demand, GO THERE!

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Re: "Free on Demand" bug

Casting Director
You can manually empty the trash. Are these PTAT shows?