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A tech was at my house to upgrade our reciever and said we could get an outdoor antenna and be able to pick up our local channels since they are being blocked due to contract negotiations. So, I called Dish to get one and they said it would not help. They said we are too far from the signal. Why am I getting different answers. I trust the tech that is in our area to know. They will not give me his contact info to ask him more about it. 

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Re: outdoor antenna

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The antenna Dish provides may not be suitable for your location, but you can go to antennaweb.org, and see what type antenna you’d need and what channels you’d get with it.

If Dish tools show you’re not in range for their antenna, then you’ll likely need to pay cost for antenna through an antenna company.

Re: outdoor antenna

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As mentioned by Chad, go to antennaweb.org or tvfool.com to see where the transmission tower is located and its distance. If you have a straight line of sight within about 50 miles, you should be able to get all channels in your viewing area, including sub-channels that DISH does not carry.

After the antenna is installed, connect the co-ax directly to the TV 'ant in' jack. With the TV remote, change input from HDMI1 to TV, do a channel scan to see what channels you receive. If you're satisfied, call DISH and cancel your 'locals' channels and save yourself $12 a month.


Re: outdoor antenna

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I have an outdoor antenna and the Dish USB adapter .  I am 50 Miles from the broadcast local channels, I had to get the correct outdoor antenna. I get both listing on my dish channel guide. I can view and record my OTA (Over the Air) channels with dish.  


Good Luck