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next day start warm up process

Every time i shut down my system for several hours or for the night when i come back several hours later or the next morning when the system start up i have to push button to bring an actual channel up.

How can i program this unit to automatically start up with a channel on the screen, i dont want a dish message stating, push any button. I want to walk away after starting my system and the same channel that was on the day before start up automatically.

If you can do it, please tell the programming software dept we want this option. Do other always have to press some button to get a live channel first. I want to start my system say from the golf channel on Saturday night, shut system off, wake up Sunday morning and bam, golf channel up and running already, don't want to have to press another button!!!!
This goes for any channel, last channel when off automatically appears. HELP....HELP....HELP.....
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Re: next day start warm up process

You will want to set an autotune timer for this. Having the system on all the time is not recommended as it needs to do updates. Setting an autotune timer varies by receiver model.
Matt "Speedy" Gonzales | Moderator