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loss signal

Character Actor

i have signal loss due to i think are trees in the way and really need a tech to come to my house and let me know for sure. it could also be the dish itself as it is 7 or 8 years old and seems to only lose sig on the 2nd tv.

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Re: loss signal

Costume Designer

Hello,  I am only here to try and help you out,  You say it's only losing signal on Second Tv ?  If that's the case it's more than likely the Cable going from the box to you second Tv set,  

Check all connections and make sure they are tight and plugged in good so there are no loose connections,  If you cable runs into your basement of under the house I 've seen mice chew or someone accidently kick a plug or cable loose,  I am not sure that system you have but my opinion says it's a loose or broken cable somewhere. 


The only Reason I am saying it's a connection problem is your 1st set is working fine, Right ? If do check them all or have a savoy tech buddy check it out for you if you can't wait for Dish Service Tech to come.


 Good luck hope you get it fixed.  Smiley Happy