hopper 3 - re-occuring recording issue

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hopper 3 - re-occuring recording issue

I have noticed a few recording issues lately and wanted to see if i was doing something wrong. I have noticed this issue with sporting events that have a re-occuring title. For example i have it set to record new PGA Tour events which have been on nbc the last few weeks. I noticed this past week it wasnt set to record but once i set it for one day it will record the other days of the event. Even though i had it set from weeks previous to record. Its almost like it is going off the description of the event and not the title which is pga tour golf.

I was trying to record a NRL rugby game that was on fox sports 2. I noticed on the guide it was listed as nrl rugby and then the description would list the teams. When i would hit the search button when on the listing it would search for the teams playing and not "nrl rugby". The re-occuring recording i tried to setup would not record future events because it would only look for those teams.

I tried this on a friends system that has the older hopper w/ sling and it worked correctly. Doing a search on the listing would search for nrl rugby. And the re-occuring recording would correctly record all new "nrl rugby" events. same thing with the pga tour scenario.
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Re: hopper 3 - re-occuring recording issue

DISH Employee
There are a few different things that can cause this to not work. To provide accurate information can you verify a couple of things for me? What is the software version of the Hopper 3 (H3)? Is this happening on satellite channels and/or local channels as well? When you reset the Hopper, will the system read the timers any better?