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i've had some problems with my dish tv recently. First the joey in the bedroom had a problem with the picture freezing up intermittently. I unplugged both the joey and the hopper for about 5 minutes, after plugging the hopper in first and rebooting and then doing the same on the joey the picture freezing up went away. The hopper though displayed an error code of 311.

The hard drive showed it was 100% full even though it was 35% full before and all the recordings had disappeared. I then unplugged everything again for about a minute this time and plugged everything in again starting with the hopper. Now I have the joey freezing up intermittently again but the hard drive now says it's 35% full and all the recorded programs show up again. What should I do next?


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Re: error 311

Screen Writer
Replace your Hopper. Harddrive is failing.

Re: error 311

DISH Employee

Wow sorry to hear about all these issues Bovenmyerl!

With this amount of issues happening with the Hard Drive, and connections issues to the Joey, you definitely want to give  our tech support team a call and go through troubleshooting these issues.  Chad is correct in that it is possible the hard drive of the Hopper is failing, but that isn't going to explain the freezing on the Joeys for example.

If you need specific tech advice, or want to discuss these issues in greater detail feel free to send me a PM with your phone number and 4 digit account pin.  You can also contact our tech support at our normal number of 1-800-333-3474.

Re: error 311

Character Actor

I'm having the same exact issue now!  First this, then Fox Sports being pulled, and now this issue is starting up again!  Cable is looking better and better.  I already have Slingtv, for backup, but they don't carry WGN America.