add extra time to primetime anytime recording

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add extra time to primetime anytime recording

Character Actor
Apologies if this question exists already; the words in the subject line are too common for me to be able to search for them.

I'm trying to find out if there's a way to extend the record time on primetime anytime shows so that when a sporting event runs late, the PTAT program doesn't get cut off. This happens mostly on CBS for me and in the past I was able to add time to specific shows that I'd marked as "saved" but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

When I view Schedule from the DVR menu, on the schedule on the left it shows the program will record the extra hour I added but on the right it says the timer was stopped early (it ended at its normal time).

Just wondering if there's a trick get PTAT recordings or (individual PTAT programs) to record longer.
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Re: add extra time to primetime anytime recording

DISH Employee
I can see how this can be frustrating. At this time there is no way to edit the Prime Time Anytime. I would be happy to submit this feedback to our Engineer team. you can also leave this feedback at:

Have you tried to remove the Prime Time Anytime and just have the manual timer? This way seems to work when there is a sporting event.