YouTube playback on Joeys

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Re: YouTube playback on Joeys

DISH Employee

At this time, YouTube is only available on the Hopper 3 and Hopper with Sling. We absolutely appreciate all feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the DISH experience for our customers, and we are always working on to get features that our customers enjoy. I can make sure to let our Engineering Team know about your suggestion and feedback! Thanks! 

Re: YouTube playback on Joeys


This is unacceptable and should be addressed ASAP. It doesn't take two or three years to add a simple application to the Joey's. Seems like Dish wants to force us to use other things besides YouTube. 


Re: YouTube playback on Joeys

Screen Writer
It’s been addressed. It is a hardware issue. There is no expectation that youtube ever be made available on the Joey, although can remain a hope.

Re: YouTube playback on Joeys


FWIW, I got a new installation today.  After tech left I started exploring.  I had youtube on my Joey. Both it and Netflix worked.  Neither worked on the Hopper and I was getting 1287. 


Unplugged both for 10+ seconds.  Restarted Hopper and Netflix and Youtube worked.  Restarted the Joey and Youtube was gone.  It was up on the Joey briefly, but it appears to be one or the other and glitch driven.