YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE (no, I wouldn't)

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YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE (no, I wouldn't)


Regardless of what program I'm getting INFO on, at the bottom - the "YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE" list displays. And the first one is always "American Horror Story" where I have to look at the same goofy head with the top cut off so you can see their brain.

Well, no. I think I'd rather inventory my toothpicks or adopt a cat.

I recorded an episode to see if it would go away, but that didn't work.

Granted, this is just an annoyance. But the space could be better used to show programs relative to what I'm currently checking out. It certainly has nothing to do with "NASA Video File". Anyway it's just getting on my nerves because I'm starting to think I'm doomed to looking at those brains for the rest of this receiver's natural life.

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Re: YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE (no, I wouldn't)

Casting Director
It will be based on what is popular and trending. AHS is a very popular show, and the newest season just started a few weeks ago, which is likely why you’re seeing that.