Watching a program on a EHD

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Watching a program on a EHD


At least a year ago, Dish issued a bug fix to the HWS that screwed up watching a program on the EHD. When you click on play, nothing happens and you have to exit the EHD and re enter it to watch the program. This something that Dish broke over a year ago and has not fixed it yet. I am really tired of entering my EHD twice EVERY time  watch a program. It has got so bad that I rarely transfer programs to the EHD unless I run out of room on the HWS hard drive.

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Re: Watching a program on a EHD

DISH Employee

Hi jerryez. Known issues can take quite some time to resolve depending on what's going on. Any information you can provide to help us track down what's keeping the external hard drive from staying connected is greatly appreciated.


If you'd like, please send me a Private Message including the:


1. Receiver ID

2. Smartcard ID

3. Software version

4. Model name and number of hard drive being used

5. Time and date issue was first noticed (if possible)

6. Any pop-up messages noticed when it happens