Wally receiver inactivity notice

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Wally receiver inactivity notice

I signed up for dish, installed yesterday. I've noticed today I get a warning of inactivity after a few hours. How can I prevent this? I read somewhere about going to menu/preferences/updates, but I don't have a menu button on my remote. I can get into settings, but I don't see preferences or updates.

Also, when I set a timer, shortly before it turns in to the timer, I get a notice that takes over the entire screen. Is it possible to prevent the message, or at least stop it from taking over the entire screen?

Wally, model: 52.0
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Re: Wally receiver inactivity notice

DISH Employee
Inactivity timing will set your Wally to automatically enter standby mode after a determined period of inactivity. To change this perform the following steps.

On 52.0 remote >Press the HOME button twice >Select Settings >Select Power > Select Inactivity Timeout > Select your desired Inactivity Timeout preference.