Wally Receiver Freezing and Restarting

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Wally Receiver Freezing and Restarting

Character Actor

Having a problem, where the screen will freeze.  It stays that way for a while.  Then it will say 'weak or no signal'.  Then it will restart the Wally, acquire signal, then redownload the program guide.   This sometime swill happen every hour or so, then other not for many hours.       Never seems to happen while streaming.


I have connected up with Chat support several times.  The first time then said to reconnect when it is frozen again.  Twice I tried, but by the time I connect with an agent, it is no longer frozen.


I think it has something to do with the LNB, since it will happen on both receivers, and NOT weather dependent....  But, then again, what do I know.  makes me almost want to go back to my WAY over priced local cable TV.      My signal seems to be high 50s...


Anyone have ideas????

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Re: Wally Receiver Freezing and Restarting

Production Manager

When you say both tv's, and mention 1 Wally, is this a mirrored Wally? How is the power connected? How is the entire configuration connected? 

Re: Wally Receiver Freezing and Restarting

Had the same problem. After process of elimination I discovered disconnecting internet connection solved the mystery. Get Netflix through Roku now and problem solved