WCAX(Burlington,VT) surround sound issue

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WCAX(Burlington,VT) surround sound issue


I've got a 622 Dish receiver which works fine for us.About a week ago I noticed something didn't sound quite right at times on my 5.1 surround system.Finally traced it down to no center speaker sound on WCAX local news broadcasts.(I have since noticed there are other shows on WCAX that have the same issue.)AVR display is showing normal display for a Dolby Digital broadcast.
Most other shows are fine-all other channels are fine.
I can't get Wcax OTA so I can't compare.

Called WCAX-they say all is fine on their end.

Yes-I unplugged and replugged in the reciever.

Any one out there have a similar setup that watches WCAX?

Can DIRT put me in touch with some one who can help?

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Re: WCAX(Burlington,VT) surround sound issue

DISH Employee

Hi tanman. I'm not seeing any reports for that audio issue on WCAX in our system as of yet. What I'd like to do is get it escalated to our engineers so that they can work with the local broadcasters to see what's going on. Could you please send us a private message with your account information so we can get that known issue submitted for you?